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Helping you understand your body a bit better, and the body of someone who’s got different dangly bits than you!



There are a lot of myths around about contraception — get the information to decide what’s right for you.



Helping you to feel confident ‘being you’ and make any relationship decisions along the way.


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Victim Blaming – a complaint and what we have done about it
11 April 2014
We received this very impassioned email from one of our visitors to the site this week… I think that you should consult some women’s charities before writing your section on sex and alcohol. Firstly it is largely aimed at girls, and the intention seems to be to prevent them from …

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The Wanted  want you to Respect Yourself

The Wanted want you to Respect Yourself
12 July 2012 1,088 views

Warwickshire VOX member Debbie Horton, from Atherstone gets her favourite band the Wanted to endorse Respect Yourself – Warwickshire’s Sexual Health Campaign.

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Am I Ready?

Learning about relationships and sex is a normal part of growing up and having a sexual relationship is a healthy activity.

Being Dumped

Splitting up is never easy but it is always harder for those who are left behind.

Breaking up

Relationships go through highs and lows and your feelings can change over time.

Coming out to your family

Accepting that you are gay can be a very scary experience especially when you are a teenager.


Contraception (when used properly) should stop pregnancy.

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Human Immuno-Deficiency syndrome. A virus that attacks and weakens the immune system, meaning it is harder form your body to fight and protect against infections.

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