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Respect Yourself


Helping you understand your body a bit better, and the body of someone who’s got different dangly bits than you!



There are a lot of myths around about contraception — get the information to decide what’s right for you.



Helping you to feel confident ‘being you’ and make any relationship decisions along the way.


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Why don’t we have an LGBT button on the site?
15 May 2015
We got a question from someone who pointed out that there’s not a lot of specific stuff for LGBT folk on our site. It’s an issue that gets raised from time to time and it’s one that we’ve given quite some thought to. The reason you probably haven’t noticed may …

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Urdecision.info: Grooming

Taken from our sister site www.urdecision.info Watch the film, make a choice and see how things play out, rewind and try again – because life isn’t a rehearsal.

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Am I Ready?

Learning about relationships and sex is a normal part of growing up and having a sexual relationship is a healthy activity.

Coming out to your family

Accepting that you are gay can be a very scary experience especially when you are a teenager.

Relationship Health Checker

The Relationship Health Checker is designed to get you thinking about your personal relationships and will try to point you in the right direction. Simply fill out the quick form and health checker will pick 12 questions especially for you. Answer the questions to get your own personal relationship health …

Being Dumped

Splitting up is never easy but it is always harder for those who are left behind.

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Is generally taken to be material, either photos, film or even literature that it highly explicit showing people either having sex or in sexual situations. Legally you must be 18 to watch or make explicit material. To find out more read this…

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